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Brussels, Belgium
TVA : BE 0742525496
Léone Drapeaud, Architect
(1987) graduated with Honors from the ULB Faculty of Architecture in Brussels in 2015. She has received several awards for her master’s thesis and graduation project. She has worked at AgwA (Brussels), ZAO/standardarchitecture (Beijing) and Eric Lapierre (Paris). Her research focuses on the interactions between architecture, space and gender from a feminist standpoint. She is currently writing a book on feminist utopias in science-fiction.

Manuel León Fanjul, Architect
(1990) graduated with Honors from the ULB Faculty of Architecture in Brussels in 2016. He has worked as an architect and urban planner in the Charleroi Bouwmeester’s office and with Christian Kerez in Berlin. He is currently leading a reflection on the sublimation of the ruin and the demolition of architecture. He has been a guest critic at the Faculty of Architecture of ULB, AA School and at TU Delft .

Johnny Leya, Architect
(1990) graduated with Honors from the ULB Faculty of Architecture in Brussels in 2015. He has worked in various architecture an urban planning offices, including the Charleroi Bouwmeester in Belgium, OMA-partner Ole Scheeren in Beijing and Muoto in Paris. He is regularly invited as guest critic at Brussels Faculty of Architecture, Paris ENSA Versailles, EPFL Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Sint-Lukas Brussels.
Dana Barale, Architect (ES)
Johanna Keck, Architect (DE)
Florian Michel, Architect (FR)

Jett Demol (BE), Clement Paillon (FR), Emma Cottyn (BE), Inès Journoud (FR), Thomas Ghyoot (BE), Nikolai Aarre (SE), Giorgia Sacilotto (IT), Gaëlle Degezelle (BE), Rodrigue de Garcia de la Vega (BE), Vera Granger (FR), Antoine Trémège, Jordan Jacob Zekri (FR), Apolline Vranken (BE), Macha Bouteiller (BE), Jonas Huchet (FR).

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  • 2021-, Union, Lubumbashi (RDC), Private commission, Ongoing, Offices.
  • 2021-, Demonstrateur, Charleroi (BE),Sambrinvest, Ongoing, Offices and Industrial Hall.
  • 2020-, Fab-Lab, Charleroi (BE), ULB-Sambrinvest, Ongoing, Fab-Lab.
  • 2020-, OLL, Charleroi (BE), Sambrinvest, Ongoing, Learning Space.
  • 2020-, A6k Expansion, Charleroi (BE), Sambrinvest, Ongoing, Offices and Collective spaces.
  • 2020-, Patio Houses, Lubumbashi (DRC), Private commission, Ongoing, Houses.
  • 2020, Trešnjevka, Zagreb (HR), Competition, Urban Market and Park.
  • 2020, Aeropole, Charleroi (BE), Invited competition, Offices.
  • 2020, Fiat Lux, Bruxelles (BE), Invited competition, Stained-Glass Windows.
  • 2020, L’Institut, Bruxelles (BE), Invited competition, Offices.
  • 2020, Jolimont, Bruxelles (BE), Private commission, Ongoing, Mixed-Use. 
  • 2020, Food-Lab, Charleroi (BE), Private Commission, Offices and Food Lab. 
  • 2020, Alstom, Charleroi (BE), Sambrinvest, Offices.
  • 2020, Alstom University (BE), Sambrinvest, Learning Space.
  • 2020, Becode Extension, Charleroi (BE),  Sambrinvest, Learning Space, Delivered.
  • 2019, Delhaize, Brussels (BE), Competition with Alphaville, Urban Planning.
  • 2019, A6k/E6k, Charleroi (BE), Sambrinvest, Business and Learning Center, Delivered.
  • 2019-, NMN, Charleroi (BE), Initiative with Sebastien Lacomblez, Ongoing, Urban Planning.
  • 2019, Autonomous House, Kinshasa (DRC), Private Commision, House.
  • 2018, Materia Nova, Mons (BE), Competition with Agwa, Offices and research Laboratory.
  • 2017, Uncanny Arcadia, Rome (IT), Initiative, House.
  • 2017, Terre Brulée, Oregon (USA), Competition, Nuclear Waste.
  • 2017, Candy Shop, N/A, Initiative, House.
  • 2016, Concrete Island, Brussels (BE), Initiative, Cultural center. 
  • 2015, WTC Cultural Palace, Brussels (BE), Initiative, Office and Museum.
  • 2015, Memento Mori, N/A, Initiative, Hospital. 
  • 2015, Ode to Joy, Africa, Initiative, Urban Planning.

  • 2021-, Polish Pavilion Biennale Di Venezia, Venice (IT), Prolog-Polish Pavilion.
  • 2021-, The Displaced Monument, Porto (PT), Galeria de Arquitectura, Instalation.
  • 2021-, The Janitor, Rotterdam (NL), Hoekhuis, Exhibition.
  • 2021-, Decameron, Lorenzo Giordano, Publication.
  • 2020, Life Beyond Architecture, Zurich (CH), E-Flux & Gta/ETH, Exhibition.
  • 2020, What If-, Nuremberg (DE), Neues Museum Nuremberg, Spatial Instalation.
  • 2020, Twelve cautionary urban tales, Matadero, Madrid (ES).
  • 2020,The State of The Art, Milano (IT), Triennale, Exhibition.
  • 2019, Green People, Wroclaw (PL), Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, Exhibition.
  • 2019, Alternative Histories, Brussels (BE), CIVA Brussels, Exhibition.
  • 2019, Picnic in The Aftermath, Shatwell (UK), Matchett and Page & DMatter, Scenography,
  • 2019, Roadisde Picnic, Ghent (BE), Zebrastraat, Scenography.
  • 2019, Congregation of the Machines, Graz (AU), HDA Museum, Scenography.
  • 2019, Palace of Cultures, Jeddah (SA), Saudi Art Council, Scenography.
  • 2019, Lassitude et Revolutions, Brussels (BE), Gallery Magazine, Online Exhibition.
  • 2019, Pavillon Serpentine, London (UK), Serpentine gallery, Competition for an instatlation.
  • 2019, The Atom People, London (UK), Drawing Matter, Marius Grootveld, Jantje Engels.
  • 2018, Belgian Pavilion : Eurotopie, Venice (IT), FWB & WBI, curatorship and scenography 
  • 2018, Salon Europa, Brussels (BE), Bozar & FWB & WBI, Scenography.
  • 2018, The Ideal Image, Lincoln (USA), Competition, Scenography. 
  • 2017, Palimpsest, Mons (BE), Maison Folie, Spatial Intervention.
  • 2017, Disegno: Drawings of architecture, Tournai (BE), UCL, Exhibition.
  • 2017, Re-Constructivist architecture, Roma (IT), Casa Dell’Architettura, Exhibition.


  • 2021, Workshop Tutor : IDW , University of Antwerp, Antwerp (BE).
  • 2020, Studio Tutor, Academie Gerrit Rietveld, -ism, Amsterdam (NL).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, UCL Faculty of Architecture, Brussels (BE).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, ULB Faculty of Architecture, Brussels (BE).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, Sint-Lukas Faculty of Architecture, Brussels (BE).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg (USA).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, Pittsburg (USA).
  • 2020, Guest Critic, ETH Zurich, Zurich (CH).
  • 2020, Workshop Tutor : IDW , University of Antwerp, Antwerp (BE).
  • 2020, Workshop, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, Pittsburg (USA)
  • 2020, Lecture, Loudreader WAI Think Tank, Pittsburgh (USA)
  • 2020, Lecture, The State of The Art, Triennals, Milano (IT)
  • 2020, Lecture, Terre, EUNIC, Varsovie (PO)
  • 2020, Lecture, ETH Zurich, Zurich (CH).
  • 2020,Lecture, Of Uselessness, Politecnico di Torino, Torino (IT).
  • 2020, Debate, 100 Day Studio, Architecture Foundation, London (UK).
  • 2019, Lecture, Current State of Ecology, Architectural Association, Dublin (IR).
  • 2019, Lecture, Current State of Ecology, Architekturforum Konstanz-Kreuzlingen,Konstanz(DE).
  • 2019, Lecture, Boredom and Revolution, New Generation, Macro museum, Rome (IT).
  • 2019, Lecture, Current State of Ecology, Horizonte, Weimar (DE).
  • 2019, Lecture, Eurotopie, HDA, Graz, Austria (DE).
  • 2019, Lecture, Alles Ist Fiktion, VIPER Gallery, Praha (CZ).
  • 2019, Lecture, Alles Ist Fiktion, Magazin Gallery, Vienna (AUS).
  • 2019, Lecture, Alles Ist Fiktion, CANactions, Kiev (UA).
  • 2019, Lecture, Alles Ist Fiktion, Ensa Paris-EST, Paris (FR).
  • 2019, Lecture, Alles Ist Fiktion, IUT Marseille, Marseille (FR).
  • 2019, Lecture, Eurotopie, Future Architecture Plateform, Ljubljana (SI)
  • 2019, Workshop Tutor, New Generation, Macro museum, Rome (IT).
  • 2019, Workshop Tutor, Anti-Pasto, Ensa Paris-EST, Paris (FR).
  • 2019, Workshop Tutor, Ornaments of Power, Trienal de Arquitectura, Rome (IT).
  • 2020, Workshop Tutor : IDW , University of Antwerp, Antwerp (BE).
  • 2019, Guest Critic, EPFL Studio Chassot, Lausanne (CH).
  • 2019, Guest Critic, KU Leuven Studio Jonathan Maj, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Workshop Tutor, Paragon, Eterotopia, La Maddalena (IT).
  • 2018, Workshop Tutor, Xeno-cities, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Guest Critic, House of Politics, AA Summer School, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Guest Critic, Studio Aristide Antonas, AA school, London (UK).
  • 2018, Lecture, Brussels Construction, KANAL Centre pompidou, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Lecture, What about Freespace, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL).
  • 2018, Lecture, Heroisme, Ateliers Nocturnes, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Lecture, Boredom and Revolutions, ULB, Brussels (BE).
  • 2018, Lecture, Traumnovelle, KABK-Inside, The Hague (NL).
  • 2017, Lecture, Diesgno, UCL Tournai (BE).
  • 2017, Lecture, Atlantropa, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam(NL).
  • 2017, Lecture, ULB, Eurotopie, Brussels (BE).
  • 2017, Lecture, A Call From Rome, Casa dell’Architettura, Roma (IT)

T :+32 (0)456 21 65 14
Rue Middelbourg 70, 1170
Brussels, Belgium