Location: Mons, Belgium
Date: 2017
Extension of an office building with a 800m2 prototyping hall and circulation and service core between the existing building and extension
Client: Materia Nova Association
Status: Competition
Area: 1390 m²
Budget: 1.500.000 €
Team: Traumnovelle (architects),
Agwa (architects)
Initialis Scientific Park, on the outskirts of Mons, hosts companies which specialise in scientific and high-tech research, amongst which Materia Nova association leads groundbreaking research related to new construction and manufacturing materials. Initialis aims at fostering partnerships between companies and institutions, yet its urban form is that of an industrial zone and as such is unable to generate any meeting points between potential stakeholders. The industrial suburbia, although ecologically and socially noxious, has high potential in its grassy, undefined open spaces.

Materia Nova’s new prototyping hall therefore takes place parallel to the street, thus creating an new urban front and resulting in a defined public space at the front as well as a garden at the back. The front façade scenographies Materia Nova’ activities and activates the public space. The rear façade brings light into the working spaces and offers a peaceful view onto a regenerative garden which highlights the discreet relief and creates a reserve for ecosystems.

A clear central point between the two existing and new wings of the building emerges, clarifying circulations and offering new amenities, storage, meeting and technical spaces to the offices.




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