Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 2020-2021
Programme: Curatorship
Client: urban.brussels
Status: Ongoing
Area: N/A
Budget: Confidential
Team: Traumnovelle
Katía Truijen, humbble
Photography: Philippe Braquenier

Architecture forms the background of our social activities and in turn shapes them. In order to contribute to any societal shift, architectural production needs to change the tools defined by our current systems that are primarily aimed at maximizing efficiency and production. We are at a time of intense questioning about the future - sparked by covid-19, but simultaneously interrogating the much broader themes of power balances and ecological crisis - and overall the perceived loss of positive perspectives for the future of humankind.

By prioritizing the fundamental acts of human life in the creation of our spaces, perhaps we can start to redefine our common priorities and reclaim a collective power to shape a generous, inclusive world, for future generations and ourselves. These fundamental acts are those which allow us to find meaning collectively and individually; to live, learn, celebrate, love and mourn together.

curatorial statement

Can we use this particular moment to test other forms of living in a post-pandemic city, in which we are not trying to go back to ‘normal’ - to processes, schedules and spatial arrangements that are optimized for productivity - but in which we instead prioritize fundamental rituals and human needs?

Archiweek 2020 Fundamental Acts advocates for pro-urban living in post-pandemic times, by exploring spaces which give priority to the Fundamental Acts of Life, Education, Ceremony, Love and Death. The theme is inspired by Superstudio’s radical proposal in 1972-1973, to bring back and centre stage the great themes of life in architecture.




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