Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Date: 2020
Programme: Park, Covered Market and Housing
Client: Zagreb Council
Status: Competition
Area: 15 ha
Budget: Confidential
Team: Traumnovelle (Architects)  Carbonifère (Landscape Architects)
Ana Dana Beroš (Architect)

Is it delusional to believe in a synergy between city and nature in the era of the Anthropocene? The contemporary interpenetration of city and nature is the product of a double dynamic: dynamic urbanization of nature and dynamic greening of the city.

This new perception of the city makes it possible to overturn the pre-established dogmas of the representation of monumentality in an urban environment. We were accustomed to its minerality and centrality. We will now have to get used to the idea that the structuring features of the city can also be vegetal or peri-urban. A new reality thus emerges: that of structuring voids. The presence of nature in the city constitutes unbuilt urban spaces. These green spaces are part of the fabric of the city. They strengthen it, they are not synonymous with the absence of anything or with immateriality.

Urban forests can serve not only as central places of meeting and sociability for the inhabitants, monuments for their territorial ownership, they are also suitable for committing a city to the path of sustainable development in its environmental, ecological, social and economic. Tresnjevka, by its name, takes us back to the 1980s and the expansion of the district, to a time when it was greener. Looking back on the past, we embark on a process of renaturalizing the center of the district with a bioclimatic project that is both environmental, and social and economic.

A wide public square encased in a dense, green, urban forest providing a diversity of ecosystems and landscapes, framed by a archetypical covered market scaled up to the density and expectations of the city. Three strong symbolic urban elements which bridge the present Tresnjevka with its green, lively and joyful future.